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                  Idyllwild Garden Club
Discovering the Joy of Mountain Gardening

                    Partially Supported Through the Generosity of the              
            Idyllwild Community Fund and the Pine Cove Water District

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Holiday in the Pines Party!

Tuesday, December 1st


Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, or the winter soltice, be sure to join us for fun, games, music and good will.


Bring your favorite Holiday dish to share and don't forget to bring a little cash, check, gift card or Fairway gift certificate for our adopted Help Center families in need. Our Santas will then use your generosity to fulfill as many of their wishes as possible.

If you have any canned, or dry goods in the cupboard, we will collect them also for the Help center's general cupboard 

Arrive BY 12 noon, as usual, at the Community Presbyterian Church, lower floor, 54400 N. Circle Dr.




 Important information on the Gold Spotted Oak Borer CLICK HERE

Club Survey Results

Chic Fojtik's Survey results from April Meeting

You will be getting an email soon with this survey. If you have NOT answered one yet, please do so as soon as possible. Your input is valued and necessary to help IGC meet your needs.

Respondents as of 4/15/15:

29 responses


How did you first hear about IGC?

                   11 found out thru friend/relative,

                   5 thru Town Crier ads


What was the primary reason you joined IGC?

                   20 joined for info,

                   9 to socialize,

                   7 to help (multiple answers possible)


I would attend more IGC meetings if:

                   20 already attend all meetings possible,

                   6 want better speakers


Ways in which you would help.

       12 offered physical labor!

For more information, or to register, go to calendar

April 21-Board Mtg.-10am-Mile High Cafe
May 2nd, Saturday: Lilac Gardens Walk, Art and Tea
10:30-3:00, Tea Service from 11am to 2 pm.. Alpenglow Garden 25025 Fern Vally Rd. $5 entrance, or $20  for entrance and Victorian Tea on patio. Click on 'Calendar' at left for more information. *
May 3rd, Sunday: Idyllwild Lilac Celebration
* Multiple Activities sponsored by Alpenglow Lilac Gardens 25025 Fern Valley Rd. (link to website pending)

May 5-General Potluck Meeting-12 Noon 
This year's Garden Tour has been cancelled due to our drought conditions

May 19-Board Mtg.-10am-Mile High Cafe

June 16-General Potluck Meeting-12 Noon
Guest Speaker: Jennifer Gee of the James Reserve

June 16-Board Mtg.-10am-Mile High Cafe
July 4th, Parade
Club members can be in the parade with us!

July 7-General Potluck Meeting-12 Noon AT PARK!
No guest speaker, Potluck picnic, Meats and beverages provided by the Board.
July 10th, Friday Evening -Lemon Lily Kickoff & Taste of Idyllwild
Details TBA by Lemon Lily Festival later
July 11t & 12th, Saturday/Sunday: Lemon Lily Festival at Nature Center

July 21-Board Mtg.-10am-Mile High Cafe

August 4-General Potluck Meeting-12 Noon 

 The following EVENTS are put on by the Garden Club to fulfill our Mission of Education and Beautification of our our Community!   Our monthly meetings and programs are in green.  Other than the July 1st picnic, all other meetings will be potlucks at 12 noon at the Community Presbyterian Church, lower level, 54400 N. Circle Dr. on the 1st Tuesday of each month (March-Dec.)  More details to be added later:

August 18-Board Mtg.-10am-Mile High Cafe

 September 1-General Potluck Meeting-12 Noon

September 15-Board Mtg.-10am-Mile High Cafe

October 6-General Potluck Meeting-12 Noon
October 10th: Saturday: Discover Mtn. Gardening/Annual Bulb Sale

October 20-Board Mtg.-10am-Mile High Cafe

November 3-General Potluck Meeting-12 Noon

November 17-Board Mtg.-10am-Mile High Cafe
November 28th, Saturday: Christmas Tree lighting downtown

Tuesday, December 1: IGC Holiday Party

Bring favorite holiday dishes, non-perishable foods and a monetary donation for our adopted Christmas Family

December 15-Board Mtg.-10am-Mile High Cafe