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                  Idyllwild Garden Club
Discovering the Joy of Mountain Gardening

                    Partially Supported Through the Generosity of the              
            Idyllwild Community Fund and the Pine Cove Water District

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    Don't Miss the October 7th Meeting!
Information about bulbs and our Election


Our meeting starts at 12 noon at the Community Presbyterian Church, lower level (54400 N. Circle drive, Idyllwild)  It will be a potluck, so please bring a luncheon dish to share.

It's Coming Soon!

Our Annual Bulb Sale

October 10th, 11th & 12th

We have an exciting assortment of favorites and new varieties of quality bulbs. They all come with colored photos and instructions.  Priced to sell!
We will be selling bulbs at three locations over three days, in front of the Post Office, near the Monument and at Lily Rock Nursery on North Circle. 
You can find us Friday (10-2pm),
Saturday and Sunday  ( 12 - 4pm),
IGC members: Ask for your 10% discount
Any questions?
Call Toni at 951-659-2907, on days of sale: 858-472-4337
The funds raised will help us in our ongoing mission for the
beautification and education of Idyllwild.

 Important information on the Gold Spotted Oak Borer CLICK HERE

For more information, or to register, go to calendar
 The following EVENTS are put on by the Garden Club to fulfill our Mission of Education and Beautification of our our Community!   Our monthly meetings and programs are in green.  Other than the July 1st picnic, all other meetings will be potlucks at 12 noon at the Community Presbyterian Church, lower level, 54400 N. Circle Dr. More details to be added later:


Tuesday, October 7 : General Meeting & Election

Fri., Sat. & Sun., October 10,11, 12th : Discover Mountain

            Gardening Annual Bulb Sale

Tuesday, November 4: General Meeting

Tuesday, December 2: IGC Holiday Party


Idyllwild Garden Club
P.O. Box 681
Idyllwild CA 92549

Club Meetings:

First Tuesday of the Month,
April-December  (No general meetings in Jan./Feb.  12 Noon- 2:30,
Potluck Lunch, Business Session and 



Community Presbyterian Church-Lower Level

54400 North Circle Dr. (Corner of Cedar St) Idyllwild, CA 92549

Officers & Board for 2014
Board Meetings - Third Tuesday,Monthly
10:00 AM - Mile High Café on the 243 near the school
Neill Bell - 951-659-0550951-659-0550

1st Vice President:
Stephanie Meadows - 951-468-4235951-468-4235

2nd Vice President: Kenilee Lanfried - 949-735-5226949-735-5226
Treasurer: Patricia Eagle-Schnetzer - 951-659-8146951-659-8146
Secretary: Dianne Johnson - 951-659-0480951-659-0480
Hospitality: Patti Morgan - 951-468-4189951-468-4189 (no email)
Membership: Edith Brix -  951-659-4071951-659-4071
Junior Garden: Wendy Read - 951-659-2819951-659-2819 
Publicity: Chic Fojtik - 951-659-0359951-659-0359 
Communication: (newsletter/website/yearbook) Toni Berthelotte 951-659-2907951-659-2907 

Presidents' Message 


Hello Fellow Gardeners!!

This is Jaye Leatherman one of your two new co-presidents.  Neill and I wanted to
introduce ourselves and to let you know how we are planning to co-preside!!  Toni
 Berthelotte has left some big shoes to fill, so luckily there are two of us!! We are beginning our term with Neill preparing the meeting agendas and myself presiding over the Monthly Meetings and Board Meetings.  We will both be involved in budgeting, working with the committee chairs, and the community. Please feel free to talk to either of us regarding your questions, thoughts for the direction of the Garden Club, etc. You can be sure that we will coordinate our efforts through frequent conversations.


A little bit about Jaye:  I have always loved the outdoors and enjoy getting my hands dirty in the garden.  I have lived in many places and it is fascinating to learn about the plants that grow well in each climate.  In Houston and New Orleans I enjoyed the huge Magnolia trees, ligustrums, pittosporums and lush, green St. Augustine grass.  In Canada, I had many varieties of evergreens in my yard but struggled with my flowering annuals as it seemed as soon as I planted them, it snowed and then they were gone!! In South Korea, I discovered that primroses made a colorful addition to the native greenery surrounding our Ex-Patriot housing complex. Washington state homes were dwarfed by the towering evergreen trees and I was constantly battling fungi of all types!!  My yard in San Diego was accented by all varieties of plants, from slender palms, to tropical hibiscus, to desert cacti.   I have been in Idyllwild for 2 years and through the Garden Club, have started learning about mountain gardening.  My first project in my bare yard was a meditative labyrinth surrounded by the native beauty of columbines, coral bells, and hardy succulents. I look forward to learning more and planting more!!!


A little bit about Neill Bell: Like Jaye, I’m a relative newcomer to the San Jacinto Mountains, having spent nearly 40 years living in inland Mendocino County, 125 miles north of San Francisco. About the only thing I know about gardening is that there are three general requirements for successful plant growth—sun, soil and water. I lived on a rocky hillside parcel that had one. Sun. So, I appreciate that our little property on Cedar Street has all three. Even more, Elizabeth and I enjoy the people we have met here. We are happy to be part of this remarkable community and organizations like IGC that contribute so much to the richness of the Idyllwild experience.